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Only 140 years ago, Go was brought from Japan to Germany. From Germany Go was spread in nearly all other European countries. Nowadays, the European Go Federation (EGF) has 37 member associations. Most European Go players come from Germany, France and Russia. Although the number of organized players in Germany is about 2,000 and the number of tournament players in the last 28 years is more than 5,000, about 3 million Germans have played Go at least once in their life.

Youngsun Yoon8pGermany
Catalin Taranu5pRomania
Guo Juan5pThe Netherlands
Alexandr Dinerchtein3pRussia
Svetlana Shikshina3pRussia
Ilja Shikshin 3pRussia
Fan Hui2pFrance
Pavol Lizy2pSlovakia
Ali Jabarin2pIsrael
Artem Kachanovskyi2pUkraine
Mateusz Surma2p Poland
Li Ting 1pAustria
Andrii Kravets1pUkraine
Tanguy Le Calvé1pFrance

Currently, 13 professional Go players live in Europe and three internet Go schools have been established: Guo Juan’s Internet Go School (The Netherlands), In-seong’s Yunguseng Dojang (France) and EGF Go Academy (Austria).

The biggest tournaments in Europe and their prize money:

TournamentPlaceYear1st PlaceTotal Prize money
Grand SlamGermany, Berlinsince 20151000024350
European ChampionshipRussia, St. Petersburg2016500013000
European ChampionshipGermany, Oberhof2017400011000
EGC Main TournamentRussia, St. Petersburg201625008950
EGC Main TournamentGermany, Oberhof201725008500
Kido CupGermany, Hamburgsince 200915004600
Confucius CupIreland, Dublinsince 201210004300
Go to InnovationGermany, Berlinsince 200412004225
EGC Weekend TournamentRussia, St. Petersburg201615004000
EGC Rapid TournamentGermany, Oberhof201710002700
Tournoi InternationalFrance, Parissince 199610002420
International TournamentThe Netherlands, Amsterdamsince 19715002350
Ellie CupFrance, Grenoblesince 20178002250
International TournamentFrance, Strassbourgsince 20098001800
EGC Rapid TournamentRussia, St. Petersburg20165001500
Open IGCSwitzerland, Laussanesince 20137001350
EGC Weekend TournamentGermany, Oberhof20175001350
More about Go in Europe
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