JIGS Winter Camp: Daily gallery!

Day 1: Welcome!

Day 2: first study sessions, 9×9 tournament!

Day 3: Special winter event, ice-skating!

Day 4: Merry Christmas Eve!

Day 5: Movie night after studying!

Day 6: House is getting full, 13×13 tournament!

Day 7: Too many people to fit in one picture by now, special event swimming!

Day 8: everyone, no matter how old, is studying hard (and eating hot pot)!

Day 9: Teaching in 3 classes because we are so many people! :))

Day 10: If you have tsumego, the only thing missing for a perfect day is ice-cream!

Day 11: Silvester party!

Day 12: January 1st, happy new year!

Day 13: Simultaneous games in our living room!

Day 14: Smiling go stones and animal ice-skating!

Day 15: One-color Go with two colors!

JIGS Winter Camp: Daily gallery!
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