Successful tournament weekend for JIGS!

This weekend, many of our students went to Hamburg and participated in the “Mausefalle” tournament. Both 1st and 2nd place were taken by permanent JIGS students: Kim and Elian. Congratulations! 🙂

Our new permanent student Erik scored 4:1 in the tournament. Well done! 🙂
Our guest student Hannah who visited us in our winter camp also played 4:1! 🙂

Manja played in the German Pair Go Championship which was held in parallel. She defended her last year’s title together with Matias Pankoke. Congratulations to our German Pair Go Champions! 🙂

Special thanks to all of our teachers from whom we learned how to win :p

Thank you Lukáš PodpěraCho Eunjin, Andrii Kravets, Benjamin Teuber, and Youngsam Kim!

Successful tournament weekend for JIGS!

2 thoughts on “Successful tournament weekend for JIGS!

  1. And Hannah 9k with 4:1 also participated in a JIGS Camp two month ago and will come back to JIGS to become even stonger …

    1. YES 🙂
      Shall we report about Hannah as well?
      (Maybe we need some hints from you from time to time ;))

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