Welcome at JIGS, Roman!

We are very happy to welcome Roman Gerloff, 2k from Hamburg, as a guest student at JIGS for the next month. We conducted a small interview with him:

1. How old are you?
17 years old.

2. When did you start to play go?
In March 2019.

3. How strong are you right now?

4. Why did you come to JIGS?
To improve my Go a lot and hopefully reach Dan-Level

5.How long will you stay at JIGS?
1 month

6. What is your goal after studying at JIGS?
To keep improving steadily and also participate in many tournaments.

7. Who has been teaching you so far?
Peter Splettstoesser (2 dan)

8. What is Go for you?
Go is like a mirror for me. It shows how I am able to improve and grow from games and the time spent on learning.

9. Will you come back to JIGS?

Here is a foto from his first day at JIGS! (Roman on the left)

Welcome at JIGS, Roman!
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