Welcome to our new guest student, Davide!

We are very happy to welcome Davide Bernardis, 2d from Italiy, as a guest student at JIGS! He took 3rd place in the European Youth Championship 2020. Davide will stay here for about one month, thanks for coming and we hope you can learn a lot!

Here is a small interview that we conducted with him upon arrival:

1. How old are you?
14 years old.

2. When did you start to play go?
About 4 years ago.

3. How strong are you right now?
At the moment I am around 2d.

4. Why did you come to JIGS?
To study Go in a very friendly and effective way.

5. How long will you stay at JIGS?
1 month

6. What is your goal after studying at JIGS?
To become the Italian champion as soon as possible! 🙂

7. Who has been teaching you so far?
My first teacher was Stefano Giurin 8kyu and now I’m studying with Matias Pankoke 5 dan

8. What is Go for you?
For me Go is another way to see what happens in real life because there are many things the two have in common.

9. Who is your favorite professional player?
Byun Sangil from Korea but I also like to watch Gu Zihao’s games.

10. How did you first discover Go?
One of my friends told me about a game that he saw in a movie and after some searches on internet I was able to find Stefano as a teacher 😉

Welcome to our new guest student, Davide!
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