JIGS Summer Camp 2020 day by day

Day 1:
The first day of our Summer Camp 2020 at JIGS is over now and already a lot fo things happened! We are happy to have all of you here and study together 🙂

First of all, we were very happy to welcome Matias Pankoke, 5d German Vice-Champion and German Pair-Go Champion, as a guest teacher for one day. Thanks for coming and teaching us!

We started studying at 7:30 in the morning. In the evening, some preferred to have a short break before playing Go again with local players, while others couldn’t stop studying at all. Overall more than 12 hours of Go today! 😮

Day 2:

Today we had a lecture about the playing style of Shin Jinseo, current No. 1 player in the world, and many other study activities.

After a long and intensive training day, we came back home for dinner. It’s cool to see that everyone is working together in a team, helping each other to prepare dinner. They even put themselves in special task-groups (“table preparing team” and “cutting vegetables team” and so on). You are great! 🙂

After dinner now they study again. They really can never have enough, today it was 11.5 hours of Go…
Phew~~ This is really a very intense go camp 🙂

Day 3:

The day was filled with tsumego, league games, analyzing games of titans, josekis, endgame problems.
In the evening, we had the famous JIGS pancakes!^^

Another update: we are very happy to welcome Tom Bradbury, a young player from the UK, who will stay here for the next few weeks. Welcome at JIGS! 🙂

Day 4:

7.30 in the morning and everybody is starting to study Go again, even on day 4, sooo eager. Please imagine it is totally silent. You may hear a needle falling down, it’s how much they focus, wow! 🙂

Morning coffy and Go in the garden, and also some football in between:

Next update: We are very happy to welcome Momme who is actually from Jena. It is his first ever Go camp, let’s hope there will be many more :p

Haha, look how everyone is studying hard, and what is the teacher doing…? :p

In the afternoon, we had a 4-hour break from Go to Go to at the Imaginata! Everyone had a lot of fun and will be prepared to study Go hard again tomorrow :p

You can clearly see that Ferdinand (on the very left) is taller than Lukas (on the very right) 😀

Day 5:

In the morning, the empty Go boards where still waiting for company while our students were reviewing games together.

Now the Go boards are also happy 😉

Food is also always an exiting parts of JIGS camps^^ Have you ever seen so many eggs at once? :p
We also had some expensive tea from China, was really cool!

Day 6:

Today it was a really nice summer day, so we went to a lake for swimming. We also studied Go next to the lake and had a nice break. Everyone still studying super hard even though the camp is already going on for almost one week!

JIGS Summer Camp 2020 day by day
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