JIGS Winter Camp moves online this year!

Bad news:
Due to the corona situation jigs decided not to have its classical xmas camp.

Good news:
Although we consider face to face lessons to be essential, we decided to offer an online camp this year.

We will have several classes, mostly in english. There will be two beginner classes this year. one in english (also for adults) and one in German (mainly u12). We also aim to offer a class for high-dan players and other classes, depending on the level of applications!

All in all, we have 10 teachers ready to teach you anything you want! 🙂

The schedule shows intensive training from 9am to 1pm (4h) and offers more lessons and a full intense programm until 9pm (if you have not enough Go yet).
If you take 7 days or more, the price will be 245 euro per week, which is 3.50 euro per hour if you take full time.

Since we like face to face lessons, all lessons with teachers will be made in a way that all students see the teacher and board, and that the teacher sees all students. Microphones are on all the time to make an atmosphere similar to real life lessons.

JIGS Winter Camp moves online this year!
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