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JIGS TV News Tsumego Competition Oct 26 Edition

Here are the Tsumego for this week’s JIGS TV News Competition! Please put one variation for each of the sgf files, and then send your solutions to until Sunday November 1st. There will be quite a lot of prizes for people having 75 points (books, go-items, vouchers for go schools, …) More info in […]

2. Corona Cup sponsored by JIGS: registration until November 1st!

We are happy to sponsor the 2nd edition of the Corona Cup! The first one helped all of us a lot during the lockdown in spring, we hope this one is going to be just as nice. So make sure to try and win some of those JIGS vouchers 🙂 Please find all the details […]

JIGS TV Tsumego Competition Week 1

Here are the Tsumego for this week’s JIGS TV News Competition! Please put one variation for each of the sgf files, and then send your solutions to until Sunday. More info in the news on JIGS TV from Monday October 19, at around 25:20: We are looking forward a lot to receiving your […]

Important Announcement: JIGS Intensive Winter Training Camps December 20th to 25th and December 27th to January 1st!

We are very happy to announce the our next intensive training camp for this winter! It will actually be two camps: from December 20th to December 25th, and from December 27th to January 1st! Of course, it is possible to stay for both weeks as well. 🙂 There will be a lot of studying, playing […]

Exiting news: JIGS starting English Go News, streamed every Monday evening on Twitch!

The last weeks we were working hard on a new and larger project: From next Monday on, each Monday always at 8.30pm Central European (Summer) Time, we will have Go News in English streamed live on Twitch: It is supposed to always last 30min, including Go News from the world (who won which tournament, […]

4 JIGS teachers in main round of European Championship this week!

We are very proud that 4 of our teachers are playing in the main round of the European Championship this week: Andrii Kravets (vs Lucas Neirynck), Stanisław Frejlak (vs Anton Chernykh), Lukáš Podpera (vs Ben Dréan-Guénaïzia), and Lukas Krämer (vs Ali Jabarin) will all be playing on either Thursday or Friday. We wish them all […]

JIGS starts Bundesliga Season with an important win, congratulations!

Yesterday evening, JIGS had its first match in the Bundesliga Season 2020/21, against the strongest opponent of the group: Berlin Slaugherlake. JIGS won the match with 3:1 overall, congratulations! 🙂 Youngsam on board 1 won and finished first. Stanisław on board 2 won by killing a big group of his opponent.On board 3, Elian was […]

JIGS team to play first match in the German Bundesliga on Thursday evening!

We are very exited to start the next Season in the German Bundesliga. And our first match will already be very decisive: we play against Berlin Slaughterlake, the strongest team in the group! So if we can win this game, we will have very good chances to get 1st place in the group afterwards! 🙂 […]

JIGS teachers win several prizes at Pardubice Tournament!

Last weekend, the very competetive Pardoubice Tournament was dominated by JIGS teachers! Our head teacher Youngsam Kim got 1st place. Congratulations! 🙂 Also our guest teachers achieved great results: Stanisław Frejlak from Poland got 2nd place and Lukáš Podpěra from the Czech Republic got 5th place. Well done, JIGS is proud of you! 🙂 Following […]

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