Frequently asked questions

What if my child gets older than 20 years? The JIGS-student is asked to leave Line I when turning 20. The student can continue studying anytime in Line II. In case not all places are filled, the student might stay longer in Line I depending on a decision by the management.

We would like to see the school first. Is that possible? At any time potential future students can visit our Go school together with their parents for several days and weeks. The fees for Line I students will apply accordingly. For potential Line III students, the Go Bootcamp for Kids is an elegant way to get to know the other JIGS-students, teachers and environment. This time can also used to interact with and select a national school.

My child is too young to live alone. What possibilities do we have? Young children have the possibility to be accompanied by their parents at JIGS. Every family situation is different, so please get in contact with us to find an individual solution for your situation.