Go Camp (Line III)

Aim. Line III of JIGS aims to spread Go among european children combined with a lot of fun. The bootcamp will be organized four times a year, usually during holiday for one week each. Each bootcamp will consist of 15 students with an age ranging from 8 to 20 years.

Selection. The Line III Bootcamp participants will be selected by Manja Marz and Youngsam Kim.

Schedule. The children will live with their teachers directly in the Go school. The camp will contain:

  • Daily Life and Death problems
  • Daily league games
  • Daily self-study time
  • Daily lessons
  • Daily teaching Games
  • Tournament

but also

  • Daily and varying sports activities
  • Go Night walk
  • Go Disco
  • Go treasure hunt
  • Go tattoos
  • Go swimming

Language. The spoken language is English, unless all children speak the same language and/or bring a translator.

If you are interested in the camp — please leave us a message below.
We will try to organize camps of e.g. the same age, playing strength or language.