International Go Students (Line II)

Aim. Line II of JIGS aims to strengthen Go players in general. There is no age limit. Each Go player can choose to join the International Go School on a daily basis or for a longer time period up to months. On average we envision 6 to 10 Go students of any age.

Selection. For Line II – International Go School students there is a less stringent selection process by Youngsam Kim and Manja Marz. Line II students can enter the teaching at any point of time.

Organisation. Except for the current pilot project, Line II students are not planned to study with Line I students together. The teachers of Line II students can vary for each lesson and day. League games are played within the groups of Line I students.

Schedule. Please have a look at the schedule for line II students.

Language. Line II students can speak English at any time. Teaching will take place in English.

In case you are interested in joining us, please leave us a message: