Elite Go Students (Line I)

Aim. Line I of JIGS aims to strengthen the Go skills of European children to finally compete with Asian Professionals. This aim should be achieved step-wise after several years. After five years, Line I should consist of 40 students in the age of 8 to 20 years.

Organization. The students will be grouped according to their playing strength. After five years we envision to build up four classes of about ten students each:

  • class IV from beginner to 3 kyu (usually about one year)
  • class III from 3 kyu to 3 dan (usually about two years)
  • class II from 3 dan to 6 dan (usually between two and three years)
  • class I from 6 dan to 8 dan (usually between two and three years)

One teacher always has the same class. Each student changes teacher about every two years, when getting stronger and changing the class.

During the pilot project (2018/19) we will have only one class and one teacher.

Selection. The Line I Elite children will be selected by  Manja Marz and Youngsam Kim aiming for the following composition:

8-103 Kyu and weakerIV
10-133 Kyu - 3 DanIII
13-163 Dan - 6 DanII
16-196 Dan - 8 DanI

Children not fulfilling the expected strength can be also selected, but need to fulfill an indiviual 6-month plan in order to stay longer in the school.

Achievements. The progress of the students will be meassured by EGF-rating improvement and their achievements at the tournaments that the students attend. On average, each student is expected to participate in one tournament per month.

Schedule. The children will live with their teachers directly in the Go school to study as many hours of Go per week as possible. Children have the possibility to additionally visit normal school from Monday to Friday according to the German education system.
Daily lessons of the general schedule consist of

  • Solving Life and Death problems
  • Playing two league games per day
  • Self-study time
  • AI training
  • Lessons
  • Teaching Games

Additionally, each child of Line I will participate in weekly sport sessions for a healthy development.

Language. The spoken language in the JIGS teaching lessons is English. At other times, the language can vary between German and English, depending on the person in charge.

In case you are interested in joining as a Line I Elite Go Student you may leave us a message: