Jena International Go School


Go has been for many years for most people unknown. However, since AlphaGo was beating top professional players, almost everybody in Europe heard about the Game of Go and is eager to learn it. Therefore now is the perfect time point to recruit young children and to teach them the game of Go.


We envision JIGS to be located in a rather small city in the Eastarn part of Germany: Jena.

Jena is a famous university city and at the same time a city with nearly all possible school forms existing in Germany. Jena also hosts several pilot school forms, like the JenaPlan-Education system.

Why Germany?

Germany is with its Go history and number of Go players a leading country for Go in Europe. Germany is a central and a secure place for children. Especially the East-German part is comparatively cheap for accommodation and food. The high standard education system in Germany will make it attractive especially for eastern European children to move to Germany. The school system is complemented by International schools with English as teaching language. The good infrastructure will help the children to grow up independent. Except from Russians, Ukrains and Turkish children no European child will need a visa.


One of the main reasons to establish the Go school in Germany are the two main acting board members:

Manja Marz

Organized two European Go Congresses (EGCs) and advised more than five other EGCs beside she organized more than one hundred smaller tournaments. Manja Marz has three own children and was teaching more than 250 children the game of Go, from the age of 4 years (kindergarten groups) to students groups.

Youngsam Kim

Has a broad reputation among European Go players after winning the EGC and several other European tournaments.
He has a long-standing expertise in teaching international students from previous years teaching in BIBA, Korea (Blackies International Baduk Association).