a) Intensive Training Camps

  • 9 hour per day training (9am-1pm, 3pm-6pm, 7pm-9pm)
  • we have 10 teachers, most of them EGD 7d or stronger
  • variety: each student will be guided by at least 3 different teachers a day
  • training includes tsumego, league games, reviews of every game, lectures, more relaxing evening training
  • usually 4 classes grouped by rank

b) less intensive 9-weeks courses

  • 1h Go theory lesson per week
  • each day tsumego homework + corrections by teacher
  • at least 1 league game per week
  • usually 5 classes grouped by rank
  • Next course will start mid of November 2021!

c) “Play + Train”

  • meet once per week (currently Friday 7-10pm CEST)
  • students play each other
  • the trainer supervises the games and interrupts here and then!
  • the goal is not so much to win the games
  • students are allowed to take back moves and rethink after feedback from the teacher
  • immediate feedback

d) Bundesliga Game Reviews

  • Training for the entire team
  • While 4 people play, the teacher explains the games live to the other team mates
  • interative session
  • the training will be recorded and exclusively made available to players from the team

e) Individually Tailored Training

  • you say what exactly you want!
  • we implement it pedagogically
  • previous groups who have used this training include national youth teams from various countries in Europe
  • this can also be used as an offline option (either the team comes to Jena, or it is also an option that two teachers come to you)

Prices for these Online Trainings

  • For all the above options prices are kept to a minimum
  • JIGS itself does not aim to make profit
  • We just want to pay our teachers decently to enable them to make a living from Go
  • Get in touch with us or check the specific announcements for camps for the exact prices




Line I of JIGS aims to strengthen the Go skills of European children to finally compete with Asian professionals. This aim should be achieved step-wise after several years. After five years, Line I should consist of 40 students in the age of 8 to 20 years.



Line II of JIGS aims to strengthen Go players in general. There is no age limit. Each Go player can choose to join the International Go School on a daily basis or for a longer time period up to months. On average we envision 6 to 10 Go students of any age.



Line III of JIGS aims to spread Go among European children combined with a lot of fun. The bootcamp will be organized four times a year, usually during holiday for one week each. Each bootcamp will consist of 15 students with an age ranging from 8 to 20 years.



We aim to have four teachers in JIGS.
For the current pilot project we have two teachers; however, if you are also enthusiastic about our project, please let us know and we’ll be very pleased to welcome you to the team in the near future!

 Line I (Elite)Line II (International)Line III (Camp)
Duration1 year (Class IV)
2 years (Class III)
2-3 years (Class I & II)
Any point of year
1-2 weeks
~4 times a year
Usually during holidays
(teaching + accommodation included,
subject to change)
partial financial help possible,
please contact us
70€/day, 350€/week,
600€/2 weeks, 1000€/month,
2500€/3 months
(food not included)
(food+activities included)
AccommodationShared room, ~15 sqm, gender-separated
+ Bunk/double beds.
+ Desk for homework
+ Space to store clothes.
+ 3 bathrooms
Shared room, ~35 sqm
+ Sleeping space
+ Alternative: large living room
+ Mattress provided by JIGS.
+ Mattresses provided by JIGS
+ Alternative: tents in the garden
+ Hostel (in case of 10+ students,
supporting JIGS with special prizes)
Language of InstructionEnglish or GermanEnglishEnglish or German
QualificationSelection by Instructors
Age 8-10 / < 3 kyu: Class IV
Age 10-13 / 3 kyu - 3 dan: Class III
Age 13-16 / 3-6 dan: Class II
Age 16-20 / 6-8 dan: Class I
(Alternative: individual 6-month plan)
Selection by Instructors
(less stringent)
Selection by Instructors
(less stringent)
ScheduleClick hereClick herestudying with a teacher from morning to evening.
Life & Death ProblemsDailyDailyDaily
League GamesDaily (2 games)Daily (with Line I)Daily
Training with AIDailyFlexibleDaily
Private LessonsDailyDailyDaily
Teaching GamesDailyDailyDaily
Tournaments1 EGF-rated tournament per month
(on average)
FlexibleArranged by Instructors
Leisure & SportsWeekly sessionsFlexible+ Night walks
+ Disco
+ Treasure hunts
+ Tattoos
+ Swimming



Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child gets more than 20 years old?

The JIGS student is asked to leave Line I when turning 20. The student can continue studying anytime in Line II. In case not all places are filled, the student might stay longer in Line I depending on a decision by the management.

We would like to see the school first. Is that possible?

At any time, potential future students can visit our Go school together with their parents for several days and weeks. The fees for Line I students will apply accordingly. For potential Line III students, the Go Bootcamp for Kids is an elegant way to get to know the other JIGS-students, teachers and environment. This time can also be used to interact with and select a national school.

My child is too young to live alone. What possibilities do we have?

Young children have the possibility to be accompanied by their parents at JIGS. Every family situation is different, so please get in contact with us to find an individual solution for your situation.

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